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We’ve arrived to a stage in time where Malta is readily embracing Digital Health. The development of a Digital Health Community complemented by an Ecosystem made up of various stakeholders bodes well for Malta and Gozo. We have a true opportunity to be leaders in this field, in the same way that we are leaders in the pharmaceutical regulation industry.

Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Ledger Technologies are the talk of the town, and Digital Health is taking a longer and steady approach to reach critical mass. Malta is at the right moment in history to make this happen with a major enabler, such as the ConvERGE Project and the continuous investment in the private healthcare sector, we are ideally place to make this happen.

It’s also positive to see the success story of MedTech and Digital Health Startups such as AAT Research who have developed further with increased investment, Umana Medical Technologies – a bright MedTech Startup taking the health monitoring world by storm and even the Health Events Startup – Kiwano, with their integral role of synergising energies amongst the local community and developing a vibrant health events scene.

I’m looking forward for 2019! And you?

Join us for the third Health 2.0 Malta Meetup at Umana Medical Technologies’ Main Office on the 31st January 2019. Get full details at