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Link: Skype Group Video Calling Now Available for PCs

This is an extremely great move by Skype. I form part of organization which is very much based on online meeting and communication via mailing lists and this feature within Skype will definitely improve the level and clarity of communication within working groups of this same organization form part of. Looking forward to download the latest beta version. Right now this only available for PC which might be a dealbreaker for Mac users, but the company is thinking of installing this later on throughout the year.

In the meantime, a good and free alternative to this is TinyChat which allows for up to 12 people in simultaneous video connection, it’s web based so it can be used by anyone and it’s also very easy to connect since you can  login with your Facebook, Twitter or create instanly a TinyChat account(which takes less than a few seconds to create). There are also a number of features such as whiteboard and desktop sharing and also the possibility to moderate the discussion.

What software do you use for your communication? Do you depend on Skype?or do you use other kinds of software such as MSN Messenger. Have you ever considered a web based application such as TinyChat beforehand?

Looking forward to your comments.