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Starting off this adventure in 2018 was a great milestone in my life, and one that I’m forever grateful to my wife and families(from both sides). The arrival of Jan Olivier Buttigieg was definitely one for the books.

I haven’t written in quite a while and this is a positive consequence of a goal that I had set off earlier on this year. To write one blog post per week on my official site. This turned out to be much more difficult than I planned it out to be. It was only now, in November, when I decided to take this task forward and make it happen. 

A lot has happened this year and I have to say that even though I didn’t rock the Blogpost goal, I’ve made up for it in other goals. We had our first-born, travelled as a family, completed my two Masters, made it to numerous conferences, travelled across the globe(Taiwan and US), launched Malta’s first Digital Health Community, Health 2.0 Malta. So nothing to complain there.

What do I need to work on more? My health and focus

I need to take this a notch further and do the necessary effort as I tackle this next decade in my life and become a better version of myself.

A knee operation that I’ve done in 2012, followed by a lack of adherence from my side to the physiotherapy regime, cut me off from one of my favourite sports(Handball) and took me down the road of significantly reduced physical activity. To such an extent that now I’m getting closer to the fine line of overweight on the blessed BMI Scale.

From the focus point of view, I can do much more as I consistently change my work environments and roles. Time to narrow down on a more encompassing role within a single entity.

I’m grateful for 2018 but also happy that it’s getting closer to the end.