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I get to encounter people on a regular basis asking me for the best apps on the app store and when I get to the point that I tell them that they need to pay a certain amount, their eyes seem to grow with surprise and even though I try to argue the fact that some of these applications cost about as much as two or three cups of coffee(some of them will even pay you back with sanity and easier workflow), they still don’t seem to like it.

The price of software we use on a daily basis has actually gone down. We used to pay 50 EUR for the latest game! In fact, I remember that for Fifa 1998, I had paid about 20 Maltese Lira to purchase the game(I was a good boy most of the time, wasn’t really a fan of pirating software) and today, 15 years later you can actually get FIFA for free on the iOs App Store. Of course, they needed to find a way to get the money otherwise they would be unable to pay their staff, and this is done through the in-app purchases which you have the option to make use of to enhance or facilitate your game experience.

Great Software is worth the money you pay for and you observe this in the quality of the software you use. And I’d like to take the opportunity to start suggesting some paid applications which are truly worth your investment and which I pretty much use on at least a weekly basis(and some even on a daily basis).

Today I’m going to talk about Sleep Cycle!

I will go to straight to the point, it costs 1.79€ but it saves 1000s of Euros on productive sleep!



As shown in the picture above, this app works by putting your phone in the corner your bed and connected to your charger, so really and truly you’re hitting two birds with one stone. Good sleep and charging your phone for the next day! And this app has grown to be so specialized over the last two years that it can even provide you with soothing sounds(this features is known as ‘Sleep Aid’) to help you go to sleep(these don’t work with me unfortunately haha). 

Not everyone is the same but it’s usually quite reliable when it comes to helping you wake up as it helps you decide the time interval required for you to sleep which can be modified from 10 to 90 minutes.

The developer who has a Polish name(not sure if he’s living in Poland) has been on top of things when it comes to app, and he updated his app in the early weeks of the release of the new iOs 7 operating system which shows his dedication and commitment to keep on developing this wonderful software.

I can’t stop praising this app enough.

Have a great sleep ;)!

You can download this app for iPhone from here!